Seventh Day Baptists consider liberty of thought under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to be essential to Christian belief and practice. Therefore we encourage the unhindered study and open discussion of Scripture. We uphold the individual's freedom of conscience in seeking to determine and obey the will of God.

A Covenant People's Beliefs

The relationship between God and his people is called a "covenant" relationship. The theme "I will be your God and you will be my people" is repeated throughout the Old Testament. At the Last Supper, Jesus instituted a new and final covenant when he declared, "this is my blood of the covenant." A covenant is an agreement between God and those who have a relationship with him. In the covenant relationship there are responsibilities for both parties. God gives love, provision, protection, forgiveness, etc. In return, his people agree to love, trust , and obey him. The local church covenant for Seventh Day Baptists articulates the responsibility of all themembers of the local church. The covenant is a solemn agreement before God and before the people of God. Signing the covenant means that a person agrees to obey God and be responsible to and for other people in the local church.